If you're in Ohio's Capital, this'll save you some capital.

the following joints got something for lunch under $10:

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


691 N. High St.
(614) 221-8240

The deeper the dish, the more Chicagoan the pizza, and Fabian’s has dishes so deep you expect to hear the roar of a crowd as someone slugs one over the ivy-covered outfield wall at Wrigley each time you go to scoop another piece out. They also have a bunch of Ohio favorites, too, like Stromboli and Meatball Subs ($7.00), so, if you feel like breaking into a chorus or two of “Hang on Sloopy,” knock yourself out.

German Village Coffee Shop

193 Thurman Ave.
(614) 443-8900

You know how some chicken clubs don’t even have crispy chicken on them. That’s just silly. Crispy chicken is much better than regular chicken. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Get over to German Village Coffee Shop and try their Chicken Club ($4.50). Not only is the chicken crispy, it’s also moist, flavorful and smothered in melted cheese. While you’re in a cheese-smothering mood, try the Western Omelet. If you prefer less cheese in your smothering, get a short stack. Smother them in delicious syrup.

Lui Pon Xi

8 E. Goodale St.
(614) 437-8168

The fish tank in the floor by the Maitre’D’s station and the one by the bar are full of brightly colored fish, but few, if any, shrimp. That’s okay, though, because there are only three places you really want the shrimp to be at Liu Pon-Xi: in the kitchen, on a plate or in your belly. The Pineapple Seafood Bowl is served in a hollowed-out pineapple and it includes shrimp, but the whole thing sits on a plate, so it counts. A great way to deliver tasty crustaceans to the belly is with al dente asparagus and sweet peppers, just like Liu Pon does in the Shrimp and Asparagus ($9.00).

Cowtown Pizza

1333 Northwest Blvd.
(614) 488-4020

The little rectangles and crispy, thin crust of Columbus-style pizza are exampled in the finest of fashions at Cowtown. The pepperoni curls up on the edges, just like it should, and the tiny triangle corner pieces always get eaten first. However, what sets Cowtown apart from all other purveyors of said style of pizza is their willingness to top their pies with all kinds of crazy-delicious concoctions, like Chicken Caesar Salad. And, like most good Columbus-style pizza joints, they also have crispy Buffalo Wings ($3.97).

Warehouse Cafe

243 N. 5th St.
(614) 224-3134

The introduction of Albanian culinary traditions into the contemporary panini aesthetic must be indicative of the fact that the information age has truly shrunk our world. Plus, it really makes a person feel like visiting Albania, because, if all Albanian food tastes like this, it might be worth the bureaucratic headache and battery of required vaccinations. However, the Chicken Ranch Wrap and the 3 Bacon Strips, 2 Eggs, Home Fries and Toast ($3.95) are prone to make you completely content with where you already are.

Rigsby's Kitchen

698 N. High St.
(614) 461-7888

Rigsby’s is inarguably one of the classiest places in Central Ohio. It has been for twenty years. In fact, Kent Rigsby was the pioneer in Short-North classy dining. So, if you want lunch to be an impressive event, rather than some sort of greasy comestible eaten from a paper sack, you really should consider Rigsby’s. The Smoked Salmon Club ($9) is stuffed with cold-smoked salmon, bacon, avocado and red onion. It absolutely slays with a lighter to medium bodied red, like a pinot noir or chianti – y’know, if your boss, your client or whomever you are lunching with is cool about that sort of thing.

Mama's Pasta and Brew

23 Campus Pl.
(614) 299-7724

If you want frills, put on a ruffled shirt, buy a canopy bed or date a model. Whatever you do, don’t go to Mama’s. If you want great, down-home, Ohio-style Italian food and beer that is never more than five paces from where you sit, get to Mama’s as soon as you can. The Double Meat Mama’s Submarine Sandwich ($5.70) is, arguably, the crowning achievement of the Italian Diaspora in Ohio. The ham and salami jockey for favorite meat status, while the “secret dressing” seeps into the few places the cheese didn’t get, then the red sauce from the spaghetti and meatballs gets all over the whole thing and it’s game over.